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Finger joint rubberwood
Rubberwood finger joint board is considered a type of product which is a matching material for kitchen countertops. In fact, they are less costly than other materials such as natural stone (granite), engineered stone (quartz), or other textures with a solid surface. The rubberwood finger joint is one type of finger joint which is manufactured by jointing the rubber wood pallets by the modern technology to form the boards with the bigger size. The rubberwood is highly appreciated because it has thick grain, light color, nice wavy veins and it can be applied different types. The rubber wood is considered as the ideal material to replace the expensive and increasingly rare types of wood. A rubberwood panel has a natural grain model that can easily differentiate from man-made materials. Some householders say that the grain pattern in rubberwood seems to be less ‘personality’ and a bit tedious. Homeowners are in preference for other premium hardwoods over rubberwood. On the modern and advanced technology production lines, short wooden sticks having same width but different length are jointed into the bars of equal length, and then jointed parallel depending on requirements of the size of the panel width.
Standard Size : 15mm 4' X 8' Finger Joint Rubberwood 16mm 4' X 8' Finger Joint Rubberwood 20mm 4' X 8' Finger Joint Rubberwood 25mm 4' X 8' Finger Joint Rubberwood Thickness Tolerance+/- 10%